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Clinical Nutrition Study at B6 Medical department

About the study

Kostverkætlanin is a clinical nutrition study on a general medical ward at Landssjúkrahúsið - the National Hospital of the Faroe Islands.

The project is a study of routine care versus improved nutritional service involving 200 patients.

The study is to be completed during 2015.

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Feel free to examine our materials in English below.

For further information please contact Poula Patursson, project coordinator at

The Research Team

A multidisciplinary team, see below.



Welcome to the webpage of the clinical nutrition research study "Kostverkætlanin á B6" at the National Hospital of the Faroe Islands.


In 2013 a nutritional research study was initiated at a general medical ward at Landssjúkrahúsið – the National Hospital of Faroe Islands. 

This is the first Faroese study to explore the prevalence of malnutrition in Faroe Islands. Internationally, studies have shown that the prevalence of disease related malnutrition is high; many patients do not meet individual nutritional requirements while hospitalized.


This study evaluates whether an improved food service including an increase in protein and energy density has any effect on nutritional status of hospitalized patients.


Read more about the project here in our English project description (2014).


Take a look at some of our English materials:

Poster for the ESPEN congress 2015 (satisfaction study)

Poster for the ESPEN congress 2015 (nutritional risk screening study)

Poster for the ESPEN congress 2014 (English)

Poster from a study of food waste 2013 (English)



For further information please contact Poula Patursson, project coordinator at


The Research Team


Gudna á Rógvi Joensen: leader of the Hospital Kitchen.

Sonja Nielsen: Leading nurse, Head of Department B6.

Ingun Gaardbo: Leading nurse, Head of Medical Centre.

Guðrið Andorsdóttir: Director of the Genetic Biobank of Faroe Islands.

Shahin Gaini: Senior physician, Infectious Medicine.

Clinical Responsibility: Kári R. Nielsen: Senior Physician, Gastroenterology.

Project coordinator Poula Patursson: MSc clinical dietitian


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