International Service
Services for international patients living outside the Faroe Islands such as tourists, sailors and others
Persuing a career in a Scandinavian Hospital
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PhD verkætlanir

PhD verkætlanir

Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases in the Faroe Islands: Pathogens, Resistance and Clinical Infections (FAPRI study)
Marija T. Markovic,, Ph.D. lesandi. Landssjúkrahúsinum/Syddansk Universitet. Byrjaði 2013

Familiær hyperkolesterolæmi på Færøerne 
Rudi Kollslíð,, Ph.D. lesandi. Landssjúkrahúsinum/Ålborg Universitetshospital. Byrjaði 2014

Malnutrition in surgical patients in the Faroe Islands:Screening and post-discharge nutrition and resistance training  (MASU study)
Føðslutrot hjá skurðsjúklingum í Føroyum
Poula Paturson, Cand.scient., Ph.D. lesandi. Landssjúkrahúsinum/Københavns Universitet. Byrjar 2017

Susceptibility and outcome in invasive meningococcal disease in a genetically homogenous population (MeFcocc study) - kanning av fólki, ið áður hava havt meningokoksjúku. 
Gunhild Helmsdal,, Ph.D. lesandi. Landssjúkrahúsinum/Syddansk Universitet. Byrjar 2015

Psoriasis - Fenotypur og genotypur – hjá føroyingum – kanning av føroyska fólkinum
Ester Weihe Jacobsen,, Ph.D. lesandi. Landssjúkrahúsinum/Københavns Universitet. Byrjar 2015

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Our aim is to offer the Faroese population and international patients a high quality health service in as many areas as possible. In those areas of health care where the hospital is not specialised, our aim is to offer patients the best possible treatment through close co-operation with other hospitals in the Nordic region.