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Information about the DRG-pricing system at the National Hospital of the Faroes for foreign patients
The main rule is that a person with no permanent residence in the Faroe Islands is entitled to emergency treatment in case of accident, sudden onset or worsening illness, as well as childbirth on an equal footing with persons residing permanently in the country. 
However, foreign patients, who cannot claim free treatment on the basis of their social security health plan agreement with the Faroes Islands (citizens outside the Nordic Countries, Greenland and UK), will be considered private patients and thus not entitled to free treatment. They or their employer will be responsible for their invoices, if not covered through their insurance.

The DRG pricing system
Since April 2009 a pricing system for hospital services for foreigners has been put into effect in the Faroes. The pricing system is based on the Danish version of the DRG-system (Diagnosis-Related-Groups). DRG is a case mix system used in many countries. In Denmark, the particular Danish version developed is called DkDRG. The Danish version is used for grouping somatic stationary patients.

DRG tariffs provide hospital average operating expenses for each DRG-group. The tariffs are calculated by linking the actual activity and cost. Since the DRG-rate reflects the average cost nationwide in Denmark, the expenses acquired for the individual hospital may be above as well as below the average tariff. This variation is partly due to differences in productivity, a mix of patients within the DRG-group or methodological differences in calculating the costs at hospitals.

Generally, the exact DRG can only be determined after termination of treatment, although the hospital on request can provide an indication of expenditures at the start of treatment.

The DRG divides the hospital activities into categories. Within these categories, which roughly relate to certain health areas (like respiratory organs, digestive organs etc.), a specific DRG is defined according to the specific diagnosis, the medical procedures that were performed during the stay in hospital (surgical procedures, invasive diagnostic measures etc.), and possible additional diagnoses.

At the time of discharge from the hospital, or at the completion of patient contact, the responsible medical physician will set a final diagnosis which best represents the condition that led to hospitalization, dependency or outpatient visit / process - which is the main cause of the completed investigation and treatment. 
The diagnoses are - in combination with the procedures performed - the most important factors for the allocation of DRG group. The DRG-catalogue also includes sex, age of the patient and average duration-of-stay figures for the respective procedure. 

The hospital uses an interactive DRG tool for the calculation, at the website of the Danish Ministry of Health and Internal Affairs. If you have any question you are welcome to contact our  International Patient Service at

Inpatients - Intensive Care Unit
DKK: 29.100,- pr. day.

Ambulance Service Transport in the Faroe Islands
Ambulance sitting DKK: 800,-/hour (min. amount DKK: 1800,-)
Ambulance stretcher DKK: 1500,-/hour (min amount DKK: 1800,-)

Service fee
DKK: 6000,-


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