International Service
Services for international patients living outside the Faroe Islands such as tourists, sailors and others
Persuing a career in a Scandinavian Hospital


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The National Hospital has persistently health care opportunities available, primarily nursing and medical practitioneering.
Special rules are for medical practitioners, available at

If you want to persue a career within the health care system in a Scandinavian country, in small but extraordinary surroundings, we are a good choice.

See current available positions on this page, or send us an application to


850 employees divided in approx. 30 occupational groups (700 FTE)

29 medical specialities
(9 consultancies incl.)
160 hospital beds
8.000 admissions per year
60.000 outpatients per year
524.000 analysis in clinical chemistry per year
34.000 X-ray examinations per year


Patients who require treatment that is not available in the Faroese National Health care system, will be transported to co-operative hospitals abroad.

The primary partners abroad are hospitals in Region Hovedstaden in Copenhagen, Denmark, as well as in Iceland.

Ambition and Mission Statement
Landssjúkrahúsið provides highly professional healthcare services. We encourage and facilitate the on going training and professional development of our entire staff and promote world-class medical research.

Our patients are our main focus.
Our staff is proud to work in our hospital.
People value and respect the benefit we bring to the community.

Strategic goals

  • Improve the overall quality of patient management.
  • Employ highly-trained and competent staff.
  • Create a supportive and professional work ethic and environment.
  • Make effective communication and collaboration the watchwords of healthcare excellence.
  • Implement advanced IT to support the delivery of superior healthcare.
  • Utilize all resources effectively and efficiently.


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J.C. Svabosgøta 41-49
100 Tórshavn
Tel. +298 30 45 00
Fax +298 31 74 31
V-tal 345334
Our aim is to offer the Faroese population and international patients a high quality health service in as many areas as possible. In those areas of health care where the hospital is not specialised, our aim is to offer patients the best possible treatment through close co-operation with other hospitals in the Nordic region.