International Service
Services for international patients living outside the Faroe Islands such as tourists, sailors and others
Persuing a career in a Scandinavian Hospital



CEO, Vacant
Deputy CEO, Johan Jansson
Deputy CEO, Naina Túgvustein

Central administration
Head of administration, Ingi Mittún and Elin Wang
Secretary, Ella Larsen, ext. 1010, E-mail:  

Medical Centre
Chief medical physician, Rudi Kollslíð
Head of nursing, Ingun Gaardbo
Secretary, Sæunn Ó. Hansen, ext. 6103, E-mail:

Surgical Centre
Chief medical surgeon, Eyðfinnur Olsen
Head of nursing, Elin Vitalis
Secretary, Herborg Sloan, ext. 5103, E-mail:

Psychiatric Centre
Chief psychiatrist, Tormóður Stórá
Head of nursing, Tórunn H. Ósá
Secretary, Bill McLeod Jacobsen, ext. 4103, E-mail:

Diagnostic Centre
Head of laboratory technologist, Ann Østerø, ext. 5601, E-mail:

Emergency Centre
Chief physician, Elin Jensen
Secretary, Maria Rubeksen, ext. 5710, E-mail:

Service Centre
Chief of Service centre, Jóan Símun Saltá
Secretary, Óli Arge, ext. 1020, E-mail: 

International Patient Service
Head of department, Hergerð Heldarskarð, ext. 1156, E-mail:

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J.C. Svabosgøta 41-49
100 Tórshavn
Tel. +298 30 45 00
Fax +298 31 74 31
V-tal 345334
Our aim is to offer the Faroese population and international patients a high quality health service in as many areas as possible. In those areas of health care where the hospital is not specialised, our aim is to offer patients the best possible treatment through close co-operation with other hospitals in the Nordic region.